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Athletes are well known to always end up sweating, especially athletes that do sports that are performed under the scorching sun; however, athletes don’t have to end up being super sweaty, as they are now given the opportunity to use a sports cooling vest.

A sports cooling vest is an investment all athletes should invest in as it will keep your core body temperature in check while you’re preparing for an outdoor competition.

It can also lower your core body temperature after a strenuous even under high heat and humidity, preventing heatstroke and heat-related dizziness.

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Why Athletes Should buy a Sports Cooling Vest

Athletes, especially athletes that are exposed to the sun and outdoor events, have always had to suffer from the sometimes unbearable heat and humidity, and though it is most of the time tolerable, athletes don’t really need to suffer from the heat as it affects their performance and concentration.

Cooling vests are made to keep people cool while they are placed in heated situations, as it is a very smart and very easy way to lower body heat. For years people have been using cooling vests to keep themselves cooled down, and though it isn’t the most fashionable piece of equipment, it is very useful.

In addition, in high stress sports played under high heat, a sports cooling vest cools the core body temperature down quickly and effectively, increasing the speed of recovery and comfort as well.

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Are There Different Types of Sports Cooling Vests?

There is actually four kinds of cooling vests that you can choose from, and those four are called active vests, cold pack, phase change, and also evaporative cooling vests.

The best cooling vest is the active cooling vests, as they actually keep you cool the longest. Active cooling vests are actually circulated from the cold water that is surrounding your body and they are powered by an ice reservoir and also a power source. So these are often used before and after the actual sporting event only.

The more common sports cooling vest used are evaporative and phase-change vests. An evaporative cooling vest are cheap but doesn’t work well in humid areas as the cooling packs tend to evaporate too quickly.

A phase change sports cooling vest is your best bet as these can be quickly recharged by just soaking it in water and are light enough to use during an event.

Do Athletes Really Use Sports Cooling Vests?

Tons of athletes, even Olympic athletes use cooling vests, as it is a very great way to cool them down right before the very important event. Particularly if there aren’t any cooling facilities readily available in the venue of the event.

According to many resources, Olympic athletes during the 2008 Olympics in China would use cooling vests about an hour before their event, as Beijing was very humid during that time of the year; however, even people that live in non-tropical countries still use cooling vests, as it prevents them from heat strokes and dehydration.

Cooling vests are great products to stay cool and athletes are always advised to purchase themselves one to maintain peak performance, reduce chances of injuries, and heat-related complications such as migraines, heat strokes, and dehydration.

So, if you want to make sure you can perform your best in your next sporting event, then you should most definitely buy a sports cooling vest, not only to keep your body temperature in check, but aid you in faster recoveries as well.

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