Neck Coolers

Neck Coolers!! Easiest Way to Keep Cool

Neck coolers are scarves or a fabric tubes that have special water absorbing crystals kept within a sleeve that is activated by water. Neck coolers helps to keep the body cool without refrigeration or air conditioning.

When activated by soaking in the water for 30 minutes and tied around the neck, it will make one feel cooler immediately. These neck scarves will stay cool even in the sunlight for up to 2 days. The crystals will return to the normal position after a week of no soaking.

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Neck coolers can be used again and again by re-soaking it in water for around an hour making it highly reusable and economical. They are usually made of 100% cotton because it is being used by kids with sensitive skin, pets, and even fire fighters also, so the fabric has to be easy to maintain yet retain their effectiveness.

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They have also been used by chiropractors for the treatment of headache and stress relief. The product is totally safe, non-allergenic and non-toxic, plus the convenience of not needing refrigeration.

Neck coolers make people look stylish while keeping them cool. There are many colors and styles that is available to match one’s outfit or needs.

These products are highly recommended for joggers, golfers, soldiers, tourist, any outdoor events, mowing the grass, construction workers, fishermen and also helpful during hot flashes. Even pets can use neck coolers to keep them cool and calm during the hot season.

How Neck Coolers Work

These products contain non-toxic granules inside which absorb water, expand, and turn into a crystalline gel like substance. As the scarf absorbs the water from gel and evaporates it to give the cooling effect, they usually stay moist and cool for days due to the water retaining property of the crystal.

The hydrated cooler should be placed around the neck and tied from the front. To maintain the cool feeling sensation, frequently rotate the tube around your neck to expose a new surface against the skin as needed.

How to use Neck Coolers:

• Place the neck cooler in the sink or basin filled of water and allow it to soak.
• Allow the neck cooler to stay in water for around one hour. Now the crystals that are inside the scarf will absorb water and transform in to a fat tube.
• Keep the neck cooler with the fat tube part containing the swollen wet crystals at the back of the neck and tie the ends very loosely. These swollen wet crystals will cool the skin on the neck and also the arteries in the neck that supplies blood to the brain, helping them to feel cooler.

They remain cool for many hours as the water absorbing crystals gradually return to their original condition, they’re light, portable, and easy to use making them ideal for anyone living in hot and humid areas.

Neck coolers can be re-hydrated and used for years by simply soaking it in clean water so they’re economical as well.

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