MS Cooling Vest

MS Cooling Vest (Multiple Sclerosis) Patients and Sufferers

A good MS cooling vest is highly beneficial for getting relief from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). These vests are very popular and are available in different designs.

These are specially designed for lowering body temperature as well as preventing overheating. Wearing cooling vests helps MS patients to get relief from fatigue, improving muscle strength, etc.

The production of nitric oxide in multiple sclerosis patients will be very high. This is the reason for demyelinated or damaged neurons. Patients with MS will also be very sensitive to heat. So they need to stay in indoors to prevent overheating.

However, the MS patients can also participate in various outdoor activities such as picnics, hiking, family gathering, games, sports, etc if they wear MS cooling vest.

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Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Vest

Active cooling vests are the best as this type of cooling vest is most effective for deep cooling. These are light weight vests and the cooling of these vests can be adjustable. These are also able to provide cooling for many hours.

Active cooling cooling vest is ideal for moving one place to another if you carry a reservoir to charge it. Though this is the best MS cooling vest, it is very expensive. Therefore, most health insurances will not cover the cost of buying these types of cooling vests.

A phase change MS cooling vest is the also recommended as it is able to release constant temperature in a controlled level. Phase change cooling vest is also effective for cooling in all climates and it does not need any freezer.

However, if you place it in a freezer, the ice packs freeze very fast and it stays colder for longer hours. It can also be re-cooled faster than water ice packs.

Compared to water ice pack cooling vests, this is little bit heavier and costlier. However, it can be used for longer hours and useful for MS patients.

MS Cooling Vest Heat Relief

MS Cooling Vest on a Budget

If you want a slightly more affordable option, an evaporative MS cooling vest is light weight and available in an affordable price. These are highly effective for using long hours even in dry climatic conditions.

However, this garment needs to soak in water for getting the required benefit. The performance of this vest is also very poor in high humidity. Overall, the cooling energy of evaporative cooling vest is very low. This cannot be used for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Cold pack cooling vests are effective for using all types of climates and it gives cooling around four hours depending on climatic conditions. These are light weight and available in moderate price.

Disclaimer on MS Cooling Vest

Though this cooling vest is useful for patients with MS, it takes very long time to freeze the ice packs. It cannot be able to provide cooling for long hours. The water in the ice pack of this cooling vest thaws out faster than phase change ice packs. Still, it can be used for MS cooling if you are not able to buy cooling vest with phase change ice packs.

Multiple sclerosis cooling vests are highly effective for beating the heat. However, it doesn’t mean that you can keep away from drinking water during hot season. You need to drink lots of water for staying hydrated. At the same time, wearing an MS cooling vest is highly beneficial for fighting against heat and reducing MS symptoms.


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