Motorcycle Cooling Vest

If you’re one of many motorcyclists who’s tired of always having to deal with a sweating chest and body every time you get off your motorcycle, then you should really start considering a good motorcycle cooling vest, Stay Cool Vests shows you the low-down on these crucial comfort equipment for bikers and riders.

Using a motorcycle is a really great way to get to places quickly without consuming a lot of expensive fuel, it’s also immensely thrilling and fun activity for many, but the only downside of riding a bike would really be that you have to deal with the heat constantly, especially if you live in a hot area.

With a motorcycle cooling vest, you will be able to stay cool even if you live in a very humid and hot area while riding around on your stylish motorbike.

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Motorcycle Cooling Vests, What For? Do Cooling Vests for Motorcycle Riders Help?

There are plenty of reasons why motorcyclists need a cooling vest, and one of those reasons is the fact that you will be able to stay cool while you are under the very harsh sun.

Cooling vests have also been used by various other people such as mascots, athletes, doctors, and even military personnel’s. A cooling vest will keep you cool and are a really great investment, especially if you are also under very humid and hot conditions.

How Much are Motorcycle Cooling Vests?

The price for motorcycle cooling vests all varies from the type of cooling vest and of course the place where you purchase the cooling vest.

If you are on a tight budget, then you should really consider buying the cooling vest online, as everything happens to be much cheaper online; however, if you want to test the cooling vest out before you purchase it, then you should just buy one at an actual store. The price is pretty secondary considering the fact that it will be very beneficial to you. They aren’t bulky, especially if you buy a lightweight cooling vest instead of a regular one.

What is the Best kind of Cooling Motorcycle Vest?

There are four different types of cooling vests and all are capable to really keep a motorcyclist cool. The four different kinds of cooling vests are active, evaporative, cold pack, and also the phase change.


Motorcycle Cooling Vest

Details on the Different Motorcycle Cooling Vest Types

Evaporative cooling vests are the most affordable, as they don’t really work that well in humid areas but they are light and easy to wear with motorcycle clothing.

Phase change cooling vests on the other hand actually keeps you cool in a constant temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The minor drawback to phase change cooling vests is that you will have to recharge it after every three hours. In order to use cold pack cooling vests, you will have to freeze the cold packs and then insert them inside of the packets which are inside of your vest.

Active cooling vests are very effective, but you can only use some models with a power pack, making the overall gear size a bit bulky but they can last for a long time providing utmost comfort.

How to Store Motorcycle Cooling Vests

Always air-dry cooling vests before storing. Ideally, lightly rinse the vest to get rid of sweat and body oil while allowing the item to air-dry before storing.

Avoid storing in closed containers or plastic bags, moisture will induce mildew from forming. Always keep cooling vests away from salt water and petroleum liquids.

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Whether you’re a motor or a bike rider, if you want to stay cool while you’re under the very hot sun, then you should really consider buying a motorcycle cooling vest.

If you’re unsure of which one to buy, you can refer to our Motorcycle Cooling Vest review page for product recommendation.