Motorcycle Cooling Vest Reviews

Curious about motorcycle cooling vest and why you need one?

Motorcycle riders as well as bikers like yourself enjoy the wide-open freedom of riding a two-wheeler across the vast, open highway. With the wind blowing and the speed of the ride, there’s nothing more liberating than being on a bike.

But have you ever gotten stuck in slow traffic under a hot, humid, scorching summer afternoon? It’s not a comfortable place to be and it doesn’t matter how cool your motorcycle outfit looks, it’s no fun being drenched in sweat and getting dizzy with heat stress and fatigue.

A simple cooling vest can solve all your riding comfort needs and the investment is well worth it if you’re a frequent rider. If you’re curious on what the different types of vests are, check out the main motorcycle cooling vest page.

The combination of heat, speed, fatigue, and stress can mean a seriously dangerous riding condition for you and your fellow bikers, having a good cooling vest keeps your core body temperature safe and comfortable.

Best Motorcycle Cooling Vest Reviews

Due to the lack of storage space and mobility issue of bikers, it’s best to balance the weight and how long the cooling can last when it comes to choosing a bike vest.

We strongly favor phase change vests as they offer a more consistent level of cooling but the thin evaporative vests are more suited for shorter trips. If you ride at night frequently, pick a vest with reflective panels as well for safety.

Motorcycle Cooling Vest Recommendations

Polar Body Cooling Kit

Polar Body Cooling Kit


Polar Body Cooling Kit

This complete kit by Polar covers everything you need to stay comfortable.

Unlike a single-piece system, you can customize the modular kit to cover the areas you want to have cooling comfort on.

Polar Phase Change Cooling Vest

Polar Phase Change Cooling Vest

5/5Polar Phase Change Cooling Vest

This phase change cooling vest by Polar is lightweight and takes up to 10 reusable phase change cooling packs.

The consistent temperature and excellent fit by this vest makes it an incredible buy for any biker.
EVS CTR Cooling Vest

EVS CTR Cooling Vest

EVS CTR Cooling Vest

The EVS CTR cooling vest is a lightweight, carry-anywhere evaporative vest that's perfect for the casual ride.

It's affordable and stylish that works well even in casual, everyday use.

There’s really no reason to ride around in your cool motorcycle looking like a sweaty gym rat when you get off.

Not only can it keep your body temperature cool while reducing your the body heat that you generate drastically, it makes your daily commute a breeze as well. Why risk getting a heat stroke when you can beat the heat wave with a simple motorcycle cooling vest?

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