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Professional Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest

A cooling vest is essential no matter what kind of work you do that require your body temperature to be kept in ideal temperature constantly.

Heat strokes occur not all of a sudden but gradually as our body struggles to regulate body temperature. Since the human body can withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuation, we normally don’t notice our bodies overheating until it’s too late.

Professional workers ranging from construction to medical require special cooling vest to prevent heat stroke and maintain optimal body temperature and comfort for peak performance.

Contractor and Engineer Cooling Vest

Are you a professional working in the construction and engineering field? We don’t need to remind you that most of the places you work involve staying under the scorching sun with no ventilation options due to the wide-open nature of the workplace.

The combined heat from the sun, wind, and the ground all adds up and attack your core body temperature at the same time. Your body could heat up by 3-5 degrees in just a few minutes under such high-stress conditions.

How long do you often stand under such hot conditions?

A cooling vest designed for engineers and construction field will have the usual safety requirements such as reflective surfaces and strategically placed mesh fabric to keep weight light yet withstand the external heat introduced to your body.

Contractor and Engineering Cooling Vest Choices

Mascot Cooling Vest

Whether you’re the star during halftime and in the sidelines during a sporting event or responsible to bring in hordes of customers for a new store, being a mascot is not all fun and games.

Being inside a fabric-covered oven is no joke and the lack of free-flowing air makes it harder for the guy behind the mascot suit.

What if you can stay inside a mascot suit and feel as if the suit itself has its own air cooling system built-in? Imagine not having to come out of that suit sweaty and dizzy from the heat inside, being able to do crowd-pleasing acts without fearing of collapsing due to heat fatigue?

Well, a cooling vest, particularly a phase change type is your answer, now that’s something great to cheer on.

Mascot Cooling Vest Choices

Military Cooling Vest

You’re always protecting someone, but who’s protecting you from nature’s wrath? Whether you’re a police officer in the city or in the desert, heat is never your friend when the going gets tough.

Excessive sweating causes dehydration and affects your performance in life-or-death situations.

Military Cooling Vest Choices

Medical Cooling Vest

You’re out on the field to save lives, folks who need medical help relies on medical practitioners who can stay cool and perform critical medical procedures in high-stress situations.

You wouldn’t want to be the one being helped off just because of heat stress, right?

A cooling vest specifically designed for medical practitioners and doctors are available in the market, cooling vests that are light weight yet efficient in reducing core body temperature should always be part of your medical tool kit.

Medical and Surgical Cooling Vest Choices

As you can see, there are countless of cooling vest suitable for specific professional applications, a cooling vest is an simple, effective, and affordable way to stay cool and safe in strenuous, heat-related environments.

Don’t forget to read our cooling vest guide for more information.