Industrial Cooling Vest

Industrial Cooling Vest

Industrial cooling vest is used for fighting against heat in work places. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) observes that heat stress is a major problem faced by people working in outdoors like industrial, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas industries.

The cooling vests are also beneficial for those who engaged in sports and military activities. Working in confined and hot environments is highly dangerous.

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It leads to the slowing down of reaction times, difficulties in concentration, reduced energy, etc. This ultimately leads to reduced safety, overall loss of productivity and decreased efficiency. In order to prevent heat stress, lots of cooling technologies for workers have been introduced at work place.

Industrial worker cooling vest is the best option for controlling the body temperature of people who work in various industries.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting an Industrial Cooling Vest

Before selecting a cooling vest for workers, various factors should be considered. It is highly important to select cooling vest as per the nature of their work. People who are engaging in operating machines need to stand or sit for long hours. The needs of fire fighters and heavy construction workers are also different. When you select an industrial worker cooling vest, you should check the duration of cooling, the mobility of the vest, etc.

You should also carry a freezer, special plug in charger, ice water or refrigerator in your workplace. It is also essential to ensure the duration of cooling after a recharge, devices needed for recharge, time taken for recharge, etc. You can select spot and unbilical types of vests if you need cooling continuously for long hours.

Industrial Cooling Vest - Worker in Contruction

Pick the Right Industrial Cooling Vest

Cooling vests can be divided two types, passive and active. Active cooling vest requires battery or electricity to operate. These vests can able to provide the maximum cooling. Though they are portable, they are mainly used in home. These are also used in office and car. Active cooling vests are highly expensive.

Passive cooling vests doesn’t need any working component and these can move from one place to another very easily. However, the cooling power of this system is very low and this is used for short term cooling for up to 3 hours.

The performance of industrial cooling vest depends on outdoor humidity, exposure to direct sunlight, ambient temperature and body temperature of the user.

Active Cooling Vests

In most active vests, the chilled fluid circulates through the vest and may also include a cap. Active cooling vest also needs separate cooling unit for recirculating the fluid. Battery power or A/C is needed for operating these vests. These can also able to reduce the core temperature of the body and provide constant level of cooling.

These are ideal for people with heat sensitivity. However, using these cooling vests in outdoors is not practical.

Passive Gel or Ice Pack Cooling Vests

Passive gel or ice pack cooling vests are most popular and these are designed to provide theoretical cooling power. The user can pre-freeze the ice packs or gel before using. If frozen properly, it can provide very high cooling to the users.

The user needs to wear extra layers of clothing, especially in chest area for safety. These are good for industrial workers because these vests can maintain cooling charge longer than many other vests.

Passive Phase Change Cooling Vests

Phase change pack maintains a higher temperature compared to ice packs so it can be worn directly. These cooling vests can be recharged by using freezer, refrigerator, or ice water. It takes less than 20 minutes to recharge. These are good for people with cold sensitivity.

Passive Hybrid Cooling Vests

These vests are coming with a combination of evaporative or ice pack vests. This can be charged by soaking the entire vest in water. This is essential for activating the crystals. You can wear it immediately after drying this vest with a towel. It provides cooling up to two hours. Freezer, fridge or ice water can be used for recharging this vest. Passive hybrid cooling vest is ideal for athletics.

Passive Evaporative Cooling Vests

You can use it outdoors after soaking it in cool water and drying with a towel. This is the most affordable and least effective cooling vest.

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