Evaporative Cooling Vest Review

An evaporative cooling vest is an affordable means to safeguard yourself from the perils of heat stroke and heat-related stress. This  review helps you to pick the right product with ease.

These lightweight, durable vests offer cheap and all-day cooling relief through the process of evaporation. The construction of evaporative vests often use thin polymer fibers mixed with natural fabric that work together to absorb ice water that evaporates with your body heat.

Most modern evaporative vests require no cooling sleeves or inserts and remains cool for as long as 5 hours, but evaporative cooling vests work only in low-humidity areas.

These vests work well in dry, hot conditions and not for tropical and high-humidity areas. For high-humidity areas or when working in low ventilation areas, consider a phase change evaporative vest instead.

Evaporative Cooling Vest Review and Recommendations

Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

4/5Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

Industrial Grade construction and quality at an affordable price.

Nondescript design provides easy matching to everyday clothing.

The price-to-performance factor can't be matched.
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Cool Medics M1635FR-RB-LG Flame Resistant Evaporative Cooling Vest

4/5Cool Medics M1635FR-RB-LG Flame Resistant Evaporative Cooling Vest

For those who require comfort while working in areas where flammable conditions are present, the Cool Medics evaporative vest is an excellent choice.

An easy choice for professional contractors, kitchen staff, and mechanical work environment.
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Tech Ultra Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest

4/5Tech Tech Ultra Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest

If you want a travel-friendly cooling vest, this is it. It's thin, light and its pullover design works extremely well for sports and daily use alike.
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Healiohealth Evaporative Cooling Body Cooling Kit

Healiohealth Evaporative Cooling Body Cooling Kit

This kit by Heliohealth is ideal for the stay-at-home, DIY warrior and the elderly who likes spending time outdoors.

The kit covers the vital areas that need temperature regulation and heat protection. Components include the vest, wrist bands, hat, and neck scarf, guaranteeing maximum protection and comfort.
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How Does an Evaporative Cooling Vest Work?

When water turns to gas, the process is called evaporation. The evaporative cooling vests work using this principle by pulling your sweat and body heat away from your skin and the vest goes to work by evaporating the warm fluids into gas.

The center core of the body produces the most heat and requires the most cooling, hence a vest can immediately cool down the vital parts of your body faster than most other passive cooling method.

Evaporative cooling vests are ideal to wear underneath clothing as long as the fabric is breathable and facilitates good air circulation. For best performance, wear only thin, mesh-like fabrics with an evaporative cooling vest.

How Long Can Evaporative Cooling Vest Retain Cooling?

The advantage of evaporative vests is as long as the conditions are ideal, the coolness can last for a couple of days for as long as the vest is hydrated. However, with perspiration, high humidity, and ambient temperature, wind strength, the cooling factor changes accordingly.

Evaporative cooling vests doesn’t retain a constant temperature like a phase change vest does, the former is better suited for general comfort than prolonged and sustained cooling.

Luckily, a quick recharge in cold water will regain the evaporative cooling vest’s effectiveness.

Benefits of an Evaporative Cooling Vest

  • Affordable
  • Stays cool for hours, even days (under right conditions)
  • Lightweight
  • Can be worn over other clothing
  • Fast recharging of fabric

Buy Evaporative Cooling Vest

If you’re looking for general purpose, affordable, and day-to-day cooling, an evaporative cooling vest is an excellent choice if you live in dry, hot areas and you want to prevent heat strokes.

If you’re living in humid areas, consider a phase change cooling vest instead of an evaporative cooling vest.