Dog Cooling Vest

If you own a dog and they are working dogs, then buying them a dog cooling vest is a great dcision. We all know that dogs are just like humans and so they also sweat whenever they are in very hot conditions or is placed under the sun; however, your dog doesn’t have the means to inform you when they overheat until it’s too late.

This article tells you the signs of dog overheating as well as how to alleviate the pain and discomfort with cooling vests.

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What Kind of Dogs Are At Risk of Overheating?

Any of the factors below contribute to higher risk of overheating, pay more attention to their cooling response during hot and humid conditions.

  • Dogs who have a thick coat
  • Previous heart and lung problems
  • Dogs that engage in high-stress, high physical exertion activities
  • Dogs with short, flat muzzle
  • Sick dogs
  • Young puppies under 8 months old
  • Older dogs (seven years old for larger breeds, 12 years for smaller breeds)
  • Inactive, overweight dogs
  • Brachycephalic dogs
  • Dog breeds that are meant to be in cooler places

Overheating Dog First Aid

  • If your dog is in fact overheating, wet your pet with cool tap water, concentrating on the body. Do NOT use ice water!
  • En-route to the veterinarian, wrap your dog with a cooling towel or cooling vest. It’s important to gradually cool your dog and not shock the dog with extremely cold temperatures, so a basic evaporative vest will suffice.
  • Provide water if the dog shows interest for liquids, don’t force your pet to drink.

How to Know if a Dog is Overheating?

  • Slugging and unresponsive dog
  • Confused and disoriented
  • Hard Panting with head down
  • Tongue, Conjunctiva of eyes, and gums will be bright red
  • In severe cases, vomiting and fainting. Seizures and comas are possible with extreme cases

If your dog exhibits any of these signs, treat it as an emergency and call your veterinarian immediately. On the way to your veterinary hospital, you can cool your pet with wet towels, spray with cool water from a hose or by providing ice chips for your dog to chew (providing he is conscious).

Why Buy a Dog Cooling Vest?

Cooling vests can also be used by regular dogs that just have the tendency to always sweat or are just very active dogs. Dog cooling vests are really great investment for your pets and they are very affordable considering the fact that they are reusable and will last a pretty long time.

Your precious dog (or any cat, to be honest) no long needs to suffer from the very harsh sun and heatwaves during summer, as you can now get them a cooling vest made for pets.

Dogs that work for the police or the military actually use cooling vests, as it is the smartest and easiest way to keep a dog cool while they are on duty.

What are the Different Kinds of Dog Cooling Vest?

There are 4 kinds of dog cooling vest such as phase change, cold pack, active, and of course, evaporative.

Evaporative cooling vests don’t stay as cool as the other cooling vests, but is very much capable to keep your dog cool. In order for evaporative vests to work, you will need to soak it in water, as the vest cools you down when it evaporates the water.

Evaporative cooling vests are the least effective and are known to not be that effective in humid areas.

Dog Cooling Vest

What Do Cooling Vests for Dogs Look Like and How Much Do They Cost?

Dog cooling vests look like regular dog clothes and aren’t as expensive as most people believe. The price for dog cooling vests all varies on the type of cooling vest you buy and also the area where you purchase the vest. It’s best to buy online as the prices are a lot more competitive. Vest prices vary greatly but most cost under $100 even for larger breeds.

Is There a Design Preference for Cooling Vests for Dogs?

The design and price of a dog cooling vest is all just secondary, as the most important thing is that it will keep your dog cool at all times as their fur adds to the complexity of body heat reduction. This is especially true for breeds with longer fur or aren’t used to hot climates.

The most expensive type of dog cooling vest are active cooling vests, as they will really keep your dog cool for a long time and also work really well in humidity, but this is more of a recovery and emergency use as your dog cannot run around with an active vest worn.

Evaporative dog cooling vests are the most affordable, but they probably won’t last an entire day for your pup, so go straight to a phase change cooling vest if you have a highly active dog.

If you’re one of many dog lovers that want your dog to stay cool while they are exposed to the heat, then you should most definitely consider buying the a dog cooling vest for your trusted companion.

Can You Help Me Pick a Dog Cooling Vest?

Check out our dog cooling vest reviews page if you need help on choosing one. We’ll short-list the type of dog cooling vest best for your pet while making sure you get the best deals on the web.