Dog Cooling Bed and Mat

A dog cooling bed will keep your pet very cool and comfortable regardless of surface he’s resting on. These specialized bed and mats are designed to use water to keep the bed cool, and since only water is used, there’s absolutely no risk in toxic chemicals accidentally being swallowed.

The best part is, a dog cooling bed isn’t just designed to provide relief during the summertime, for older dogs or heavier dogs, a nice, supportive bed can dramatically reduce joint and hip pain, and any other ailments that a cooling surface can comfort, such as arthritis.

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Dog Cooling Bed – Comfort Indoors or Out

While we’ve suggested that you should always have a dog cooling vest in hand if you have a dog that’s susceptible to over-heating, sometimes, the heat is too much even when indoors.

At home, it’s not logical to strap a dog to a vest when there are better ways to keep your pooch nice and cool in the summer heat.

Dog cooling beds or mats are just the perfect thing to have at home to keep your pet comfortable. They’re affordable, versatile, and offers so many benefits for your pet beyond cooling.

How Does A Dog Cooling Bed Work?

Dog cooling mats and beds don’t need any maintenance or power source like battery or electricity. You simply use water inside the bed and position the bed in a cool, shaded area.

The bed actually pulls your pet’s body heat away from its core allowing them to relax and get immediate comfort from the environmental heat.

In hot days, just place the bed on a solid surface and fill the bed up. Try to avoid putting the bed on top of fabrics or carpet as it inhibits the heat transfer of the bed. For maximum effectiveness, place the bed on hard floors and surfaces.

Is It Easy to Clean a Dog Cooling Bed?

Dog cooling mats are designed to be durable and extremely easy to clean. Simple wipe down or water flush are enough to keep a mat clean. The non-porous surface ensures that mold and mildew doesn’t have a chance to form and the synthetic surface doesn’t attract mites and other bugs to your beloved pet.

Here at StayCoolVests, we understand how important and precious your pets are to you, and keeping them safe during the summer heat is one of the best ways to pamper and protect your dogs, and a simple, yet effective, dog cooling bed is all you need.

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