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For years, people like athletes, doctors, industry workers, and people that live in humid areas would always have to suffer from the heat, but with cooling vests, they are able to visit even the hottest and most humid areas without having to worry about the heat anymore.

These heat reduction vests are very helpful and are perfect for people that are always in very hot and humid condition, or for people that always sweat on a regular basis.

What Is A Body Cooling Vest?

Cooling Vest Hot TemperatureCooling vests are clothing equipment worn to keep a person cool and to also cool a person down when one is overheating. These vests are commonly used by plenty of industry workers, athletes, working dogs, doctors, military workers, and also by people that attain Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia or Multiple Sclerosis.

Athletes (especially professional and Olympic athletes) use the lightweight, high-performance body vests right before their events so that they can cool down when the weather is hot.

Plenty of Olympic athletes used cooling vests whenever the Olympics would be held in tropical countries. Athletes can quickly lower their body temperature and heart rate after a strenuous event with these vests as well.

Another common use for a temperature control vest is by patients who suffer with multiple sclerosis, as people with the condition will go through discomfort and pain every time the temperature’s elevated.

These vests end up being life-saving and critical equipment to keep the person with the condition’s temperature normal and so the pain symptoms can be quickly alleviated.

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Are There Different Types of Personal Cooling Vests?

There are exactly four different ways for cooling vests to cool a person down, and they are cold packs, evaporative, active, and also phase change types.

Evaporative Cooling Vest aka Ice Vest

Cold ice pack vests the type of cooling vest that contains ice packs that require you to freeze the packs in a freezer and then place them inside pockets of the vest before using.

Phase Change Cooling Vests

These are very similar to evaporative vests but are more advanced as you only need to recharge it inside a tub of ice cold water for a couple of minutes, the chemicals in the cold packs do not require to be frozen to work. These are soaked in water and slowly taken out before a person can use them.

Active Cooling Vest (Liquid Cooling Vest)

This is the most expensive cooling vests out there, as they are the most effective yet. These vests actually circulate the cold water around your body, much like an automobile’s radiator system.

They need an ice water reservoir and also a power source in order to work; however, the great part about active cooling vests is that they keep you cool down for a very long period of time.

However, your mobility is compromised due to this more complex cooling system.

An active cooling vest can keep you cool for a long, long time, while the other types of vests will keep you cool for about 4-6 hours.

If you are on a budget, but still need a cooling vest, then you should just start with an evaporative-type of vest, as it is the cheapest type out there and the lightest.

If you are always placed into very hot and humid conditions, then having a cooling vest will be a great investment for you as it’s a quick and cheap way to regulate your body temperature without the need for electricity and other heavy equipment.